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Weighing Scales - LEADZM 180Kg/50g Compact Disc Model Personal Weighing Bathroom Scale

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Product information

The personal scale adopts step-on technology which enables you to simply step on the scale and instantly monitor your weights. It is designed with fine craftsmanship and good quality, which is a very accurate weight measurement. Featured with compact size, it is very easy to turn on and off. It supports multifunction of auto-power-off, auto-zero, low battery indication and overload indication. It is worth ordering!
1. Compact disc model design bathroom scales
2. Multi-point sensor,non-slip scale feet
3. 0.05kg division value
4. 8mm thick tempered glass platform
5. HD backlit LCD display
6. Limited maximum weighing weight
7. Auto power-on when sensing weight
8. Auto shut down after leaving scale for 8 seconds
9. Step-on technology, switch-on over 3kg
10. Base made of environmental protection material
11. Auto-switch-off, auto-zero, low battery and overload indication, backlit LCD display
1. Colour: Black
2. Dimensions: (13.00 x 13.00 x 1)/ (33.02 x 33.02 x 2.54)cm (L x W x H)
3. Weighing Platform Dimensions: (13.00 x 13.00) / (33.02 x 33.02)cm (L x W)
5. Maximum Capacity: 180kg / 369lb
6. Division Value: 0.05kg
7. Unit: lb/kg/ st
8. Sensor: Fifth Generation High-precision Sensor
9. Material: Toughened glass
10. Smart Power on: Immediate Auto Power on as soon as You Step on the Scale
11. Smart Power off: Auto Power off in 8 Seconds as soon as You Step off the Scale
12. Stand-by Time: About One Year(Based on the Actual Usage Frequency)
13. Display Screen: LCD Backlight Display
14. Power Supply: 1.5V x AAA Battery (Included)
15. Tolerance Range: 0.3-0.5kg
Package Includes:
1 x Personal Scale
1 x User Manual
2 x 1.5V AAA Battery
How to use:
1. Put batteries in the battery compartment at the back of the scale
2. Units switch: Press the unit key at the back of scale to choose kg/lb/st
3. Keep the scale on the flat surface
4. Step on the glass platform, the scale will turn on automatically
5. Stand still for some seconds until LCD display shows your body weight
1. Switch-on over 3kg, this is not for light objects. If you want to weigh something below 7lb, we suggest customers buy kitchen scale
2. People are at their lightest in the morning before breakfast. As food enters the body, weight goes up and by the afternoon, weight begins to fall back down. Exercise will also bring weight down. Keep in mind that weight fluctuates up to 4-6lbs throughout the day
3. LCD display shows LO means low battery, please change the batteries
4. LCD display shows OL means overload

Price USD 23
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SKU GS02710788

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